It's time to stop hurting, you deserve better... and it's possible.

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You thought that your relationship would last forever, but now you're left in pieces. The constant hurt is controlling your life, it's time to take back your power!

There is that saying that you can be “scarred” from emotionally hurtful things from our past, but it’s not true; if it were true all forms of therapy would be useless. The truth is that physical scars don’t heal, but YOU can heal, emotional pain doesn’t have to be permanent.

You are sick and tired of carrying around the emotional baggage from that relationship that hurt you. It might be an ex-spouse, a parent, an authority figure; regardless of how long ago it happened or who it was, we feel the weight of it on us right now, day after day. 

It is time to become FREE from all of it!

I was once where you are; angry and bitter over the harm done by a past relationship. The resentment I carried for my ex-wife was with me everyday and everywhere, it permeated into other areas of my work and personal life and into other relationships. I made bad decisions based on it, I wasn’t able to think clearly because I was constantly on edge about what might be coming next, planning for the next disaster. While my anger might have been justified, while my fear and anxiety might have been justified, it was no way to live. Eventually I reached my breaking point where I KNEW that if I wanted to LIVE that I had to make BIG changes. 

It all started when I admitted that I couldn’t do it alone anymore, I needed help. 

Resentment isn’t just about pain, it’s about the constant chaos it causes in your life, it affects you negatively everyday. Ask yourself if you are experiencing any of these effects from holding onto resentment;


It’s up to you to choose!

Carrying resentment for an ex-partner is very common, we hear people saying things like “all men are jerks” or “you can’t trust women”; that is the language of resentment. In some of those situations you can walk away from the person and get distance, but what about when you can’t just walk away, physically and/or emotionally?

This problem becomes even more intense when things like divorce, custody battles and financial strain come into play. We find ourselves dreading the next interaction with our ex-partner; the thought of it can give us flashes of anxiety and fear, make us want to hide from the world, we know that in our future with this person there is more pain to come. It might be at a custody exchange, it might be at court, it might be just getting a text about the kids schedule.

How wonderful would it be to be FREE from the emotional whirlwind dealing with this person seems to bring!

That is EXACTLY what I will teach you during our time together. My program was developed by a master trained therapist, using modern and trusted therapeutic techniques.

So it is up to you whether you want to Get Mad at the person, Get Even with the person, or Get a Life that you can flourish in, away from the pain of dealing with the person you have resentment for!

Scott Avery


Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Book the Call

Schedule a no-obligation video call where we talk about the resentment problem that you want solved and to see if you are a good candidate for our program. 

Step 2 Application

After you book the call, fill in the application to tell me your story, the more I know about you the better I can serve you. I will review this prior to our call. 

Step 3 Journey

Once we both acknowledge that we can work together on solving your problem, you book your first session and then you are on your way to releasing resentment!




1 on 1 video calls every week to guide you through the entire transformation curriculum, done at your own pace and personalized to your situation.


The program is 12 weeks long, taking you through all of the steps, tools and modules you need in order to teach you how to release resentment.  


Practical homework assignments each session that will maximize your progress and get you thinking, creating massive momentum. 


An illustrated PDF manual with the sections and information you need to lead you through the assignments.


Archived recordings of your sessions accessible to you on demand, so you can go back and review any sections you want to spend extra time on. 


The benefit of a program that will challenge you and evolve as new therapeutic techniques and ideas are added. 


I work with you step-by-step until you have completely finished the last step in the process, writing “the letter”.


Audio from past group sessions  so you can hear other people going through the course and learn from their experiences.


A comprehensive 1 on 1 call at the end of the program to celebrate your transformation and make a plan for your ongoing success! 


Real Quotes From My Clients About Their Experience

"Felt Safe Opening Up!!"

"Scott is one of those people who you feel safe opening up to and talking about the hard stuff with. He knowledgeably guides you through the material and offers input and advice where appropriate. If you are ready to let go of your resentment, Scott is your guy!" - Larissa S.


"Repaired Relationship!"

“This class changed my life, I now have a relationship with my father again.” - Koralee T.


"It Worked!"

"I knew that if I wanted a healthy romantic relationship in the future that I had to deal with what happened with my ex-wife. It worked." - Scott H.


Do you want me to help you get these amazing results in 12 week and finally get the life you deserve?




For most of my life I was insecure and lonely; I had a hard time being authentic with people because I was using so many protection mechanisms to prevent myself from getting hurt… but yet I was still getting hurt. By the time I got married I was in full protection mode; distant and untrusting. Eventually my first marriage ended and I was in one of those divorce horror stories you hear about; false accusations, losing the kids, losing my job, bankruptcy, a seized bank account, my car getting trashed, time in jail, depressed and suicidal.


Now, my life has done a complete 180°. I own my own successful business, I have been re-married since 2019 and have repaired relationships with people from my past. The funny thing is, the situation with my ex-wife is no better; we are still battling in court over custody nearly 10 years since we separated. The big difference though is that the anger and resentment I used to carry for her everyday is completely gone; it no longer poisons my relationships, my decisions or sends me into a tailspin of negative emotions. I will have a bad day now and then, but in those instances I have the tools I need to get me back on track and not go down the rabbit-hole of negativity and anger. It is a beautiful emotional freedom.

This big transformation came because I learned the methods and tools to eliminate resentment from my life. It came to the point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I knew I needed to change and for the first time in my life I reached out for help. As I began to peel away the layers of protection I had around me I made myself vulnerable for the first time and I began to feel the shift inside me; I had started my escape from emotional prison. I now had the courage and tools to have healing conversations with people from my past and my romantic life bloomed. A few years ago I met the woman I would marry and we have a wonderful, drama free relationship; what a turnaround from my past romantic experiences!


During our time working together here are many more things that will be addressed through the process of releasing resentment.


Your complete transformation occurs by deep-diving into 3 overall principles; Perspective, Accountability and Declaration.


Principle 1: Perspective

Key Benefit: Here we address how you relate to the past and how it is affecting you right now.

Principle  2: Accountability

Key Benefit: This is where we see how you have contributed to the problem, because recognizing that is where you get the power to change!

Principle  3: Declarations

Key Benefit: This is where you create a new future for yourself.

Watch The Video Below For An Overview

Eventually people get sick and tired of being sick and tired and that's when they are ready for the big change! I AM READY! Click Here To Apply Now


I Am Committed To Leading You Through The Process

This is an intensive process, it will challenge you and allow you to create a new future for yourself.


I guarantee that if after our first session together you don’t feel that this program is the right fit for you, you will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

If you approach this program with an open heart and willingness to confront your past honestly, you WILL find the power to make change in your life and learn the tools to release resentment that you can use over and over again into the future. 


If Your Questions Aren't Answered Below, Let's Chat About It!

What makes you qualified to lead me through this process?

I was hand-picked by Rod Minaker, the Masters-trained therapist that developed the core curriculum of this program, to be his partner in coaching people through releasing resentment. Not only have I been coaching people through this transformation process since 2015, I took it myself with Rod as my coach! It is how I was transformed and released the resentment for my ex-wife. Rod passed away in 2017 and I have continued on with our work.

How do I know it’s going to work for me?

During our first video call I will analyze your situation to see if this process is right for you. We don’t accept everyone who applies; people need to be ready for the big transformation and be able to take accountability.

How long is this going to take?

During our first video call, I will analyze your situation to see if this process is right for you. We don’t accept everyone who applies; people need to be ready for the big transformation and be able to take accountability.

How long is this going to take?

The 1 on 1 sessions are about an hour each, and we will work our way through the sections of the program at your own pace. After each session there will be homework to do on your own time. It is a 12-week course, we leave enough time at the front and back for starting up and wrapping up.

What if I’m not sure who my resentment is for?

Once we start the program we will work on helping you identify who your resentment is for. If you’re not sure, ask yourself the question, who is having the most impact on me right now?

How long will it take for me to let go of my resentment?

We teach you concrete tools during the program that will help you get a hold on your resentment right away. The time it takes for a complete transformation will vary with the individual, however you will have the tools needed to get the process started even if it takes longer to fully manifest itself in your life.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we have payment plan options.


I know what it’s like to be hurting, to feel hopeless, on edge in a constant back and forth with anger, depression and anxiety. 

You don’t have to stay there! 

The fact that you have read this far tells me that you are ready to make the change away from a life of misery. You might have tried to “white knuckle” it up to now, thinking you can do it all yourself. Realizing that you need help to overcome this problem is a brave realization, it’s time to take action now and end your suffering. 

I only take on 5 new clients per month, so the space is limited. This is an intensive process, it will challenge you and allow you to create a new future for yourself!

Here is a sample from a recent group session I conducted. Participants faces are blurred for their privacy. 

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